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Answers to Common Questions:

  • General Diagnostics are Free – And there is no commitment to service or charges until we receive your approval for repairs.
  • If you’re wondering “Do they work on this?” or “Can they fix that?” the answer is almost always “Yes! – We currently don’t repair smartphones, however.
  • COVID-19 Info: Please use our online check-in service before coming to the store. Also note: we will be sanitizing and accepting drop-offs at our door during this time. If it makes you more comfortable, we can pickup your device in Lexington for free during this time. Drop-off can be free with at least $80 service.
  • Stop by any time during our hours of operation and we’ll put your device in line for service
    • No need for an appointment.
  • If you need a repair faster than a few days, our on-site services are often available same-day. We also have an expedited service option for devices you leave with us for repair.
  • Click here to check your device in online before dropping it off at our store. (This is optional, but can save you time in our store)

    If you wish to speak with someone immediately, please call 859-523-5355 during the hours listed above.