We build custom PCs for professionals, businesses, gamers and anyone who demands high-performance components for faster processing and speed. We can customize PCs to include lightning fast CPUs, high-end RAM, fast SSD hard drives, top of the line video graphics cards, and speedy Gigabit network cards, meeting the needs of the most demanding job or game.

Custom Build Graphics & Gaming PCs

Custom PC Build in Lexington

We have the expertise and are happy to advise you during the design and build process to meet the demands for such requirements like: 

  • Gaming PCs
  • 3D Rendering
  • CAD Designing
  • High Definition Photo and Video Editing
  • Animation & Design
  • BitCoin / Cryptocurrency Mining
  • Business PCs with High Demand Processing
  • And other jobs that require high utilization of graphics resources. 

Our team of certified and trained computer professionals can design a high-performance PC hardware configuration best suited for your processing needs.


Computers Plus Repair offers professional hardware solutions for custom designed & built computers. We use high performance hardware and best practices to assemble state-of-the-art machines for our customers. 

We will first gather a list of your requirements and then suggest a hardware configuration to meet your needs for the best performance and reliability. We ensure that our assembled machines are the highest quality and performance. 

We provide a 1 year warranty for our custom PC build service.

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