Laptop DC Power Jack Repair in Lexington KY

Laptop DC Jack Repair and Replacement – Lexington KY

DC Jack Repair and Replacement

We Repair DC Jacks / DC Plugs / DC Connectors / DC Power Harnesses / DC Power Sockets and Electronic Key Fobs

Laptop DC Jack Repair in Lexington KYIf you have to wiggle your laptop cord or hold it at an angle to get a charge, your laptop likely needs DC jack repair. Also, the DC jack on your laptop may be damaged if the power cord no longer charges it, although this can also be due to a failed laptop charger cord – we carry many models in stock.

Oftentimes, the DC jack can be repaired or replaced at a reasonable cost. Our repairs run from $50 to $150 depending on the amount of work involved in the repair. We have parts for certain popular models in stock and can quickly acquire other model parts for speedy repair of your laptop. Sometimes we must partially disassemble the laptop before it can be determined if the faulty jack can be re-soldered or must be replaced.

The technicians at Computers Plus Repair in Lexington KY have the right tools and soldering expertise to fix DC jacks properly and quickly. If you suspect your laptop may have a damaged DC jack, give us a call or bring your laptop into Computers Plus Repair, and we will diagnose and fix the problem.

Repairing or replacing a DC jack can save you hundreds of dollars over the price of a new logic board or buying a new laptop computer. Laptop motherboards (logic boards) cost anywhere from $350 to $1500 and up, depending on the model. DC jack repair is often more economical then replacing the logic board.

Symptoms of a Bad or Damaged DC Connector

  • The laptop won’t power on or charge unless the power cable is wiggled or held at an angle.
  • The laptop will run off battery power but not AC power.
  • The laptop will inconsistently charge or constantly switch between battery and AC power.

Causes of DC Connector Failure

DC Jacks can fail from the cord being bumped or jarred and from normal wear and tear. Also, universal adapter tips that don’t fit snugly can put force on the jack and weaken the solder joints.

Other Soldering Work That We Do

We do a variety of soldering repairs, including electronic key fob repair and repair of various other electronic components. (Electronic key fobs are used for activating such things as remote keyless entry systems on cars). Give us a call or stop in and we will give you our best diagnosis for your particular situation.