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Computers Plus Repair - Lexington KY
Average rating:  
 63 reviews
 by J Raymer
Mac Reapir

Apple wouldn't touch it - Gage fixed it in one day. Touch Pad went bad and battery connection to MB was broken. Highly recommend these guys. Fast and inexpensive !

We're happy we could help with your MacBook repair. We're always glad to save our Apple customers time, money and headache. Thanks so much for your feedback and review!

 by Kathleen Wills
Superb Service

I'm delighted beyond words that I found Computers Plus. They were able to solve an issue that another, nation company said was not repairable, and retrieved data I thought lost to me. Two other large companies offered to "try" for hundreds more, and didn't even come close to the personal service and patience that Gage provided. This will be my computer service provider from here on out. Thank you!!

 by Elizabeth Billhymer
Screen Repair

I brought my laptop in with what I thought was a screen repair. They diagnosed my problem and tightened up some lose parts and
charged me a nominal fee to fix my problem. Great to find a local business that prides
themselves on honesty!
Highly recommend ****

 by James Fowler
Quality Service

I needed some help installing a liquid cooling loop in my PC build. Not only were they able to install it for me but also informed me on how to maintain my build, as I'm still new to the custom PC world. If I ever have any questions I know who to ask. Highly recommend.

 by Carolyn Barnett
Good service

These folks stand on their word to you. I took two ailing computers to them and they told me what I needed to do very quickly. Neither was worth the money it would take to make them workable. So there was no charge!

 by Sally

Their service is excellent, efficient, and affordable. They have extensive knowledge about computers and have made repairs that have helped my business up and running quickly.

Thanks Sally for your review and feedback!

 by Cynthia
Great Service

These guys get 5 stars. Gage repaired our Mac and installed a new camera. We were completely satisfied with our service.I would highly recommend them and use them again if I needed to. Thanks for good service.

Thank you Cynthia for your feedback regarding the repair of your Mac computer. We were glad to help. Thank you for your recommendation!

 by Sissy
These guys are the BEST!

I have a macbook air that I bought new along with apple care. Word of advice to the public at large: DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON APPLE CARE!! Two months after purchasing my macbook my son spilled juice on the table. I quickly picked up the computer, so quickly in fact that I didn't think any liquid had gotten near it much less inside. Well after a few minutes it stopped working. I took it to the geek squad. They told me right away that apple care would not cover liquid damage (or much of anything for that matter) and sent my lap top off for "evaluation". After about two weeks it was back. They told me that the damage was severe. They would need to replace the logic board and solid state drive. It would cost $600 MORE than what I paid for it new two months prior!! I was not paying close to $1600 for a repair, that was insane. My options were that I could abandon it with them (not) or pay a $150 ransom to get it back. I paid the ransom. Depressed about the situation I let my macbook sit in its box for months.
Then I read about these guys. When I finally took it in they charged $35 to check it out. After checking it out they saw that it did not need a logic board/ssd replacement, just a cleaning. They cleaned it for $250, called me to tell me that it was working and I began jumping for joy!!
Do not use the geek squad -- that is some kind of scam they have going on-- I guess that is how BB sells so many "certified refurbished laptops.
Computers Plus Repair is the BEST EVER.
I have a couple of older Dells that I may bring in for them to work on, now that my sons are getting to the age that they are going to want computers.
I have already told people about these guys and will continue to recommend them.
Thanks so much!

Thanks, Sissy, for your feedback on our MacBook repair service! We were glad to help! Thanks for your recommendation!

 by Charles Gearheart
Great service! Great people! Great company

Dear Michael,

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your service.

Trevor did a great job on my computer. He was fast, very knowledgeable, professional. Very accommodating! Absolutely fabulous! And he should recognized and praised.

I will be glad to send you all the business I can. Thank you for your service and doing what is right. You have a great company and your leadership shows up in your employees and the way you run your business. Good job!

Thanks again

Thank you Charles for your feedback! Your business and recommendation are greatly appreciated! I will be sure to relay your comments to Trevor. It's our pleasure to do business with you!

 by sallierembert ruff

Gage, THANK YOU 100,000 times 🙂 !!! You made my day by sending me home with my frustrating crazy computer turned into a better than brand new computer! thank you for your patience, your courtesy & knowing what my computer needed so much more than i did. i love chrome! what an improvement!! All the best to you and this wonderful shop!

 by Terry Hemlepp
Great People and Service

Michael and his team have taken care of my computer and IT needs for many years. As a small business owner, who is not tech savvy, I have depended on Computers
Plus Repair for equipment, installation, support and most important, advice. Michael can explain things at a level that helps me understand the situation and is very patient with me. He has never tried to sell me anything I don't need and offers options that meet my budget. Their retail store is open at times convenient for most anyone and they
have a good selection or rebuilt computers and laptops at great prices. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an IT resource that they can trust.

 by Tom Senff

I recently brought my sick I-MAC to Computers + Repair. They couldn't save it ( blown motherboard ) but they saved the memory and everything I had on it and helped me put it in the new computer. A great save!! Thanks, guys!

Tom Senff

 by Paige

The customer service for this store is fantastic. I've gotten my computer fixed here, sold old devices, and visited to look around. I would definitely suggest it to anyone looking to get a repair or needing help!

 by Alex Brenner
Outstanding Customer Service

We have been in here on 3 separate occasions. The professionalism and customer service has always been outstanding. The staff is nice, courteous and just pleasant to deal with. I will continue to do business with them and pass their names to anyone I know needing computer service. Thank you for your service.

 by Ellen Veitch

The best-always friendly and very helpful. And cost efficient! I always go to them!

 by Lucas

Took in a corrupted and failing external hard drive with over a terabyte of important data. Gage at Computer Plus Repair was able to recover every single file and document and move them over to a new external hard drive. They did all of this work for a more than reasonable rate. They kept me updated over the two days they worked on my external hard drive and were not bothered by the several calls they received from me wanting more updates. Friendly, trustworthy and efficient business. I highly recommend Computer Plus Repair to anyone experiencing issues with their computers or tech accessories.

 by Jackie

Friendly, professional. Diagnosis free. Price and timing exactly as projected, and I will not hesitate to call them if I have another computer issue. Also, will recommend friends to them without hesitation.

 by Colin Conway

Had a complete high end gaming desktop build put together by Trevor at Computer Plus Repair. I had absolutely no idea how to assemble this machine therefore did extensive research on best place to take on this project and Computer Plus Repair went above and beyond. Trevor was amazing and kept in touch with me every step of the way, I felt completely confident with Trevor's ability to complete this build. The end result is completely amazing and if it wasn't for Computer Plus Repair and Trevor I would have never been able to build this. Overall price for build was a lot cheaper than I imagined but best part was knowing my pc build was in great hands. Can't thank these guys enough, they have a customer for life. Computer Plus Repair will be the only place I go to for future computer needs, thanks again.

Thanks for your feedback Colin! It was our pleasure to help you out, and we're thrilled that you're enjoying your new computer. We're always here to help.

 by Erica Johns

My imac was showing signs of trouble so I took it in to Gage at Computers Plus. Initially he thought it might be a logic board ($$$$) problem, but after running some tests, a simple cleaning out of the dust that had accumulated inside had my machine running just great. The initial problems it was having have not reappeared. So, $35 is all it took to get my computer back in business. I really appreciate the honest work and good service!

We were glad we could get your computer back in business, Erica. Keep us in mind if you have any future concerns.

 by G. C. Brown

Slow MAC with a dying hard drive, and Computer plus Repair was able to save all my data, and replace the hard drive; old machine is as good as new, at a reasonable rate. Michael went out of his way to educate me on

updates and new system use. I won't be going to any other place for my

computer or other electronic repairs. First class service. Good show!

Thanks for choosing us! We appreciate your business and your feedback!

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