Self Check-In

Save time and hassle — check in your device below before dropping it off at our store!

  1. Fill out the form below with your info and details about the issue you’re having.
  2. Choose the Service Type you want:

    • Standard: You get placed in our standard first come, first served service queue.
    • Expedited: For an additional fee*, we move you to the top of the queue and begin diagnosing and servicing your device immediately.
    • On-Site: We’ll come to you! We’ll service or repair your devices, network, cameras, etc., at your location. (Hourly rates and additional travel fees* may apply.)
    • In-Shop Appointment: For an additional fee*, we can schedule a specific time for you to bring your device to the store. Your device will have our full attention for the time you’ve reserved. (Please note: if we’re unable to complete the repairs in that reservation time, your device will be sent to the top of our Standard queue.)
    • Remote Login: At a straightforward hourly rate*, we’ll service your compatible device remotely using a well-known, well-respected remote assistance application. This is a great option during the COVID-19 pandemic. (Please note: your device must be able to connect to the Internet.)

  3. Review our standard Terms and Conditions and then click the checkbox below the form if you agree.

    • PLEASE NOTE: There is a $40 Diagnostics/Bench Fee for each ticket. However, if you choose to have service performed on your device(s), this entire amount will be applied to your service cost.

  4. Clicking “Submit” will create a service ticket in our system.
  5. When you stop by to drop off your computer or device, pull up to the curb and give us a call! We can print out or e-mail a drop-off confirmation if you’d like.

That’s it!

If you already have a ticket or you are just stopping by to discuss a matter unrelated to a ticket: PLEASE do not create a[nother] ticket!

If you already have a ticket, you can call, email, or text us with your question or your request for additional information. We will be more than happy to address any request you have. Duplicate tickets for the same device can lead to confusion and delays, which none of us wants! Thanks!

*You can see our Fee Schedule for common services here.

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