Thank you for checking in with us! 😊

Your Ticket Number is . This serves as the reference number for this service.

What to Do Next

For On-Site, pick-up/drop-off, Remote Login, or other scheduled service:

Please call us to reserve a time for service or if you have any other questions beforehand. Our number is at the top of this page.

For Standard or Expedited service:

  1. If you have questions about what you should bring see the “Should I bring it or not?” section below this list. Still have questions? Feel free to call us!
  2. Stop by our shop during business hours (see our hours at the top of this webpage next to our address). We’re waiting on you!
  3. Call us from the curbside to let us know you’re here. Though we miss seeing you face-to-face, our storefront is closed for safety while humankind fights the war on COVID-19.
  4. Set your device on the table next to our front door. However, if you’d prefer, we’d be more than happy to retrieve it from your vehicle. Just ask!
  5. We’ll promptly come out and retrieve your device once we see you are either back in your car or wearing a mask and giving us plenty of space to retrieve your device.
  6. If you want a receipt, check your email for your ticket confirmation. This serves as proof of your interaction with us. Let us know if you have a specific request regarding drop-off confirmation. We can email or text that to you.
  7. After we collect your device for service, you are free to go! We will email and/or call with diagnostics and a quote or new information when we have it.

Should I bring it or not?

  • Cases & Bags: We know you like to keep your devices protected, but rest assured we will handle them carefully in the shop — please keep your cases and bags with you.
  • Dongles & Attachments: Please remove any USB dongles from your computer. They’re small. They’re easily lost. We can’t be held responsible if they do get lost. If there are any other attachments not directly related to what’s being serviced, please remove them.
  • Cables: If you are unsure, feel free to ask us! Here’s some basic guidance:
    • Laptops 💻: Please bring your charger so we know we’ll have the correct one.
    • For any computer: If it has a very large power adapter, go ahead and bring it.
    • All-in-one desktops: These can be unusual, so go ahead and bring it unless it looks like the standard cord pictured below.
    • Traditional desktops 🖥: we do not need a power cord unless it has a different shape than the cord pictured below.

Standard Power Cable

A Word on Cleanliness

Please ensure that your computer is relatively clean. We can help you dust out your computer or clean off your average grime. But…

  • Here are three things we like to avoid:
    • Bugs sometimes like to get inside warm devices to nest. Please don’t bring us your device with bugs inside of it.
    • Eating while using your devices can make keyboards and computer surfaces really gross. Be aware this usually causes keyboards and devices to wear out faster.
    • Smoking around your belongings and devices leaves a very hard to remove residue. It is bad for the health of your devices and causes them to wear out faster. Part of the issue for us is, when the fans in your device kick on, it starts blowing particles and strong smells from the smoke residue all around our office. So bear in mind: if your device has a gross residue or smells strongly of smoke, we may charge a hazard fee to work on it.
  • Please Note If your device is especially dirty and significantly unpleasant to be near, we reserve the right to refuse servicing it.

If you need to add any additional information to your check-in before you bring the device to the store, just give us a call at 859.523.5355 or email us at

We look forward to seeing and working with you soon!

We Appreciate Your Business!