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Computers Plus Repair has the expertise and experience to accurately diagnose your unique data recovery situation and provide the best possible path to restoring your files. We take pride in recovering data for our clients and for our ability to relieve the stress, panic and anxiety associated with data loss.

If you’ve lost access to your data and you’ve been told by the Apple Store Genius Bar or Geek Squad to send it away to an out of state “clean room” data recovery firm, contact us first and you will likely save a few hundred dollars. 

Nearly 85% of the people that think they need “clean room” data recovery do not need that type of advanced data recovery service. Bring your hard drive or computer to Computers Plus Repair and let us take a look before you opt to send it out of state.

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Do you need to recover your data after a hard drive failure, replace a failing hard drive, or create regular backups of your data? Give us a call. We are glad to help.

We offer the following services in our Lexington repair shop:

  • Data recovery
  • Hard drive replacement
  • Backup solutions
  • External hard drive sales
  • Restore Operating system
  • Computer repair – PC & Apple
  • Virus removal
  • Memory upgrades
  • and more

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We perform data recovery in Lexington KY on a regular basis for customers who have failed hard drives or have been unable to access their files due to malware, viruses or data corruption. If your computer is having problems, give us a call or come by our store. We are glad to help you out.

We can also help you set up a regular backup plan to keep your important files safe in the event of hard drive failure or other mishaps. It’s always good to have backups of important information.

Data Recovery

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of gradual hard drive failure, now is the time to back up your data (see our post on the signs of hard drive failure and tips for backing up & preventing data loss) and either self-diagnose the drive using a software utility, or bring it in to our shop for a free diagnosis. If the hard drive is failing, more often than not we can recover the data before it is too late.

Then, if you choose, we can replace your hard drive with a new one, copy your data to the new drive, and get your computer up and running again within a day or two. We can also place your data onto an external hard drive or other media, depending on the amount of data to be recovered. We carry both internal and external hard drives in stock, as well as flash and DVD media.

If the drive has already experienced catastrophic failure, and you determine that data recovery is worth the expense, it can be sent off to data recovery specialists. This can be somewhat expensive due to the advanced equipment and clean room required for disassembling hard drives and retrieving the data. This is why early identification of hard drive failure is important.

We are proud to be a Gillware Data Recovery Affiliate PartnerWe often refer more advanced data recovery situations to Gillware Data Recovery. They have served many of our customers with excellent results. Click the image for more info.

If your hard drive is experiencing gradual hard drive failure, more often than not we can recover your data, and you can avoid the hassle and expense of advanced data recovery or data loss.

We perform data recovery in Lexington on a regular basis for customers who have encountered hard drive failure or have been unable to access files due to malware, viruses or data corruption.

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Some tips to help keep your laptop & data safe:

Be careful with the coffee. As we all know, liquids and electronics don’t mix very well. Spilling a simple glass of water on your laptop’s keyboard can damage the main circuitry of the computer. Though, a lot of water spills are not catastrophic if the user takes the appropriate steps. For instance, turning the computer off immediately, removing the power cord and battery if possible and letting it completely dry out (in rice or silica gel) for at least 3 days on average. It’s best to take the computer apart so it can dry in areas where air may normally have trouble reaching it. Also, if soda or a sweet drink spill on it, the computer will benefit from a professional cleaning as soon as possible, especially since soda contains corrosive acids. Turning the computer off and unplugging it still apply.

So try to keep food and beverages away from your laptop or computer. We’ve met many people who wish they had!

Keep an eye on the kiddos. Perhaps it’s safe to say small children and certain electronics don’t mix very well either. As cute as the little ones can be, they are sometimes rough on things. Many LCD screens, hard drives, data and hinges have fallen victim to accidents by children. Although, we can fix or replace almost all internal components, the best repair is prevention.

If the kids are old enough to use the electronics, you can use some measures to help prevent accidents. For instance, try having a designated safe, low traffic area for laptop use. This will help prevent accidents.

Ensure good airflow so it doesn’t overheat. This is very important to a hard drive’s longevity. If a hard drive temperature often exceeds its upper limit, the drive’s life can be shortened and cause premature mechanical failure.

Computers and laptops have fans installed to prevent overheating and damage to the system. But sometimes people may not be conscientious of keeping the fan free from obstructions and dust to maintain enough airflow. If your hard drive has failed due to overheating or other causes, we can salvage important data in most cases and transfer it to a new, replacement hard drive.

We provide a free dust cleaning for most fans and cooling components with any other paid service (nicotine damaged computers are extra since they require more than a thorough dusting).

Be careful where you store it. Accidents happen, but sometimes they can be avoided by keeping them in a safe place. For instance, leaving a laptop on the floor or on a chair where it could easily be trampled over, kicked, sat on, or dropped should be avoided whenever possible.

Dropping a laptop or jarring it while the hard drive is running can cause damage to the internal parts of a hard drive – as well as other parts of the laptop, like the LCD screen. We have seen many a casualty in this fashion.

Remember that old age and long-term use is a common reason for hard drive failure as well. Even if you treat your computer perfectly it will still fail one day and you will likely want to have a backup plan set up for your important files.

Got files you’d hate to lose? Make backups of important data. You’ll save time in case of a mishap or hard drive failure, and it will help you to avoid a great deal of frustration!

Ask us. We can help. We offer data recovery, back up solutions, external hard drives, memory upgrades, virus removal, and more.

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