Convenient onsite service at your home or business

Onsite tech support is a great way to solve tech challenges such as adding new accessories such as printers or setting up a wireless network. Onsite computer services allows us to work directly with our clients. We’re providing a new high standard in Lexington for onsite technical support.

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Onsite support is ideal for:

  • Installing or updating a software application.
  • Adding peripherals such as a printer or camera.
  • Installing the latest security and performance updates.
  • Removing unneeded applications to boost system performance.
  • Installing or updating system drivers.
  • System cleanups to maximize performance and stability.
  • Getting assistance with learning or using a new or program.
  • Setting up and managing backups to protect from data loss.
  • Assistance with organizing files and folders.
  • Removing conflicts and compatibility issues.

Onsite support is not recommended for:

  • Hardware problems and/or physical repairs.
  • Data recovery from any kind of data loss scenario.
  • Serious virus, trojan or rootkit virus/malware infections.
  • Damaged or corrupted Mac OSX or Windows systems.

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