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Aaron Collin’s Last Wish – a $500 Tip at Puccini’s Pizza

Aaron Collins’ $500-Tip Legacy

We are very sad to report one of our fellow repair technicians, Aaron Collins, suddenly passed away last week. He was both friend and family to us. It was very sudden and obviously extremely hard for the family, as well as the staff at Computers Plus Repair. He was the brother of Michael Johnson’s wife, Rachel. (Michael is the owner and IT Manager of Computers Plus Repair).

His family is honoring him by fulfilling one of his last wishes. Aaron had a request in his will that if he had any money left, he wanted his debt to his parents and others to be paid off, and then he wanted his family to go have dinner and leave a big tip for the waiter or waitress – a $500 tip.

Well, he didn’t have any money left, but his brother Seth started a website to take donations for the cause. Within only a day, and with many generous donations, they had enough money. On Tuesday July 10 they gave their first (of many to come) $500 tips on Tuesday at Puccini’s in Lexington, KY. They took a video and posted it on YouTube the next day in order to share the experience with family in friends who knew about the wish.  The video went viral within the next 24 hours and seems to be gaining popularity each day.  Take a look…

Aaron was a warm-hearted, loving and generous person. His family plans to continue his generosity through these random acts of kindness. They hope it can be a way for Aaron’s life to leave a positive impact on others by showing the value and joy of unsolicited acts of good will – not just big tips, but anything. We hope it can too.

Apparently it has struck a cord with people. As of this posting the video has over 43,000 views and has been posted on several news sites including Yahoo, New York Daily News, and the Huffington Post, among others.

Aaron will be greatly missed, but hopefully his legacy and memory will live on. If his story has touched you, please feel free to share it with friends and family.

The website set up by his brother, Seth, is www.aaroncollins.org.

Update from the family:

We are overwhelmed by the wonderful support we are receiving. The outpouring of love from touched lives is very healing. Thank you for sharing your experiences.