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Apple’s Mountain Lion: Top 10 features

By , Updated: Tuesday, February 21, 10:03 AM

Apple surprised the tech world Thursday when it announced its new operating system, Mountain Lion. The system incorporates several of iOS’s most notable features. Here’s a quick rundown of the top Mountain Lion features for the Mac, many aimed at users who have more than one Apple product:

Notifications: After adding a notifications center to the latest version of iOS, Apple has decided to put notifications on its Macs, as well, letting users have easy access to e-mail and app alerts. Apple will also use the notifications center for system updates and messages.

Notes: Mac users will be able to create notes that sync across all their Apple devices, to keep track of their to-do lists. On the Mac, users will be able to add photos to their notes.

Reminders: Also pulled from the latest version of iOS, Reminders will pop up through the notification system, acting in the same way that iCal alerts do now. Users can set Reminders to appear at a certain time of day and mark items as complete once they’ve taken care of business. Read more